Proof of Life


This is what I had in mind when I asked members to provide “proof of life.” Fez #2 looks very life-like, don’t you think?

Fez # 6 checked in with political rant that included Sarah Palin in pig-tails and short, tartan school-girl skirt.

And this over-caffeinated ping from Fez # 14 “Being from the center of Missouri, I am fortunate enough to be able to potentate with the Fizbang Forbe of Fezatude for coffee on Saturday


Fez #10: “I am very much alive and currently deeply submerged in work for various clients including microwaveable paninis, coach holidays and wine.  Here is me a couple of moments ago with Louis Armstrong in the background reading yesterday’s paper (much the same news as in the US without the baseball to cheer us up!). I am wearing my Harrow School fez because large portions of the rest of my collection have gone missing since the last SOUP gig (including my lovely new OOTF fez )


Fez #15 provided no explanation with this photo. Which is unfortunate, since it raises so many questions. Who took this photo? How did they explain the shoot to anyone that might have walked in while it was underway? What are the sanitary implications of wearing your fez while taking a dump? Is this fez worn only for this purpose? I fear (hope) we’ll never know the answers to these troubling questions. [Larger photo for you sick bastards]

Fex #3: “My sister-in-law has a horse who is very leery of me, and of needles in
general. He needs a blood test. She asked if I could dispense a
tranquilizer for her to give ahead of time, and could I possibly come
in disguise.

While, for those of in the know, wearing the fez actually reveals our true inner fezorocity (a revelation rather than a concealment), perhaps the horse would be fooled by this ruse. The noble head-gear may be just the thing to put him off guard, particularly if his wits are fuddled by a bit of detomidine hydrochloride.

That is how I happened to have my precious fez in the workplace. Normally I would keep it far from this epicenter of flying fluids. So, with camera, tripod, fez and computer all in one location, it seemed the perfect time to provide you with the proof of life requested by the OOTF.”

Dr. Mobley is far to modest to mention in his POL (Proof of Life), but members should know that he has invested countless hours in the Fez Genome Project. This little known –and little appreciated research– seeks to find, isolate and clone the fez gene. God speed, Dr. Mobley.


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