Wired: Virtual Masonic Fezzes of the Metaverse

Doctor Dick (Fez #18) points us to this intriguing post on one of the Wired blogs:


“It’s the latest craze to hit SecondLife: the virtual Masonic fez. Worn by gorgeous babes like Isis Eagle over here on the right, the fez has become something of a lust object among the fetish-hungry masses on SL who have grown tired of dragon furry sex and polygon perversion. What is it that makes the Masonic fez so hot? Apparently it’s something to do with the idea of sex occuring in a mystical fraternal order connected with the origins of our glorious nation, the United States of America. Of course, these virtual Masonic fezzes are worn by ladies, so there’s a bit of revisionist history here: Ladies can’t be Masons in the real world, nor are they among our nation’s founders. But just imagine how much cooler the old US of A would be if hot virtual girls had formed the Freemasons and founded the country? I’ll bet Warren Ellis can get behind that. Fez-lovers take note: www.hotmasons.com is still available!”


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