Professor Peter and Doctor Dick: Fez #17, #18


“We, Professor Peter [photo] and Doctor Dick [photo] (Members of the Small Instrument Society) would like to join the Order Of The Fez. It was your honorable member Howlin Hobbit #8, who brought the OOTF to our attention. And right he was! We wear the Fez on special occasions only. For wearing a Fez should not be taken lightheartedly. It is while singing songs about Sfynxes, Girls on the Banks of the Nile, Egyptian Moons and Erotically overacting Sheiks that we feel the Fez comes into place. Sitting on our Flying Carpet (the second one, as the first one flew away recently) we sing about Egyptian Ella and the Sheik of Araby. And once in a while our tassels rotate in time with the music. Important to say that our beloved headwear is handmade by Doctor Dick himself. Hoping the Brotherhood of the Fez is willing to accept our humble applications we promise to mention all the OOTF’s importance for humanity in our next edition of The Daily Ukulele.” Professor Peter and Doctor Dick Members of the Small Instrument Society

I’m off to see if I can find some of their music. Perhaps we can get them to perform the Official OOTF Anthem. And for those wondering where they got their magic carpet…


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