Taisir Yanis, Fez #16

It’s been a while since we saw white smoke over the Temple of the Fez. So raise a quadruple shot of espresso and welcome Fez #16, Taisir Yanis.


Taisir is the owner/proprietor and bad-ass barista of the Coffee Zone, caffeine ground zero in Jefferson City, Missouri. The home of Fezzes #14, #6 and #1.

Taisir’s written English is… iffy, so we video’d his Petition of Worthiness. We’re pretty sure he’s speaking Arabic but it’ll be a few days before we get a transcription. But given the way things are going, we figured it might be useful to have an Arabic speaking member in The Order.

I spend more quality time with Taisir than my wife Barb so I can attest to worthiness. Please join me in welcoming Taisir to the Royal and Exhalted Order of the Fez. You can use the comment link below or email Taisir at YanisCoffeeZone@Gmail.com.


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