UK source for Leopard skin fezzes?

John Simpson found his way here while searching for Leopard skin fezzes. Lots of places in the States (?) but John doesn’t want to risk having his new fezzes ripped off by U.S. custom snoops who will wear them while dancing naked at the annual Xmas party.

I was nosy enough to ask John why he needed the fezzes and he was kind enough to reply:

“The reason we need the fezzes is that myself and two friends started attending the The Rhythm Festival in Bedford , England – last year – our hat of choice was the Fez – this year we are looking to continue and further the tradition and are looking for the Leopard skin ones as our Dress’ Fez.”

Sounds like our kind of guy doesn’t he? I share his plight here in hopes our UK members can point him in the right direction.

PS: I’m proud to report this blog ranks #3 in a Google search of “leopard skin fez.”


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