George Kopp, Fez #14


“To the potentate, officers, and nobles of the Order of the Fez:

I hereby declare my request for membership in the Order of the Fez.  I have long wanted to be a member of an organization with such noble causes, strong works, and dedicated leadership.  I realize that becoming a member brings with it a serious dedication to those principles that the organization holds so dear.

If found to be worthy, I hereby acknowledge that I will wear proudly the symbol of membership and conform to all the bylaws, and directions hereby declared through it’s membership.

I would appreciate due diligence to this application such that I may be able to obtain an official member number in order to order a ‘Order of the Fez’ Fez.

Submitted with all the feeling and respect worthy of the order.
George Kopp

Mr. Kopp has obviously confused the Order of the Fez with the Kiwanis or Jaycees or some similar civic club but let’s not tell him until we get his first dues check. Welcome Brother Kopp.


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