Interview with Jason (“Fezmonger”) Rogers


With one of his custom designed fezzes sitting comfortably on my head, I got Jason Rogers (#13) on the Skype horn today to find out the story behind the fezmonger and Fez-o-rama.

Some are born to the fez, others are called. I believe Jason falls into the latter group. I was surprised –don’t ask me why– to learn that Jason is trained in fashion design and might have written a text book or two.

I asked him about celebrity clients, his favorite designs, The Cult of the Eye, his fictional partner, “Joe,” and ukuleles.

The interview runs about 25 minutes and there are a couple of places where the audio got weird because a) the Skype connection was iffy or b) Jason walked into his cavernous, marble-floored Hall of the Fez.

Near the end of the interview, Jason posed a heavy question: Is there some essential quality that is common to all fez wearers and if so, what is it?

Download MP3

I call this quality “fezorocity” and said that our Order would accept this assignment. So, after you listen to the interview, your assignment for this week is an essay (500 words or less):  The Nature of Fezorocity.

Post your essay in the comments below.


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