Jason Rodgers, Fez #13

I humbly apply for position #13 in the Order of the Fez. I feel I am qualified for this honor as not only do I own a small collection of fezzes -as well as a small collection of ukuleles if that counts for anything- but I actually made the fez that #12 is wearing in his photo! That’s right, I’m not just a fez enthusiast, I’m a Fezmonger! Last year I made well over 200 fezzes and I just finished cutting the fabric to produce the next batch of Order of the Fez fezzes. My most recent fez related accomplishment was organizing 22 members of the Cult of the Eye in raising over $24,000 for the 24hr Cancer Dance-a-thon. (thanks for your donation!) Let me tell you, there were a lot of people there unprepared to face that much fezzy goodness.


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