Jason the Fezmonger has a propositon

I mentioned in a previous post that some of the Cool Kids are way ahead of us in terms of Fezerosity. Specifically, the guys at the Cult of the Eye and Fez-o-rama. A few days ago I received a nice email from Jason, the Fezmonger behind the COTE and F-O-R, along with a proposition:

“I am under the assumption that your Order simply requires that the members own their own fez. If this is the case I would like to make a special offer for your membership in exchange for a special consideration.


We at Fez-o-rama would make a very Special Edition Fez only available for member of the Order of the Fez. What I envision is a series of fezzes with the member’s number prominently displayed on the front. Each member would only be able to purchase their number so if they weren’t interested in it that number would never get made. (I had actually been wanting to do this sort of a thing for a while but didn’t have a group of people to take advantage of it) I’m sure we could come up with a style that all would be happy with.

Here is the catch: Both Joe and I would be interested in joining in on the fun and would like to reserve our numbers in advance. Me:13 and Joe:42

If this seems fair to you let me know and we can get something rolling. I have plenty of photos of me to lock in #13.”


In a subsequent email, Jason clarifies:

“No one is required to buy the special fez, the numbers would just be reserved for them, and I am open to the possibility of barter if people are interested in that sort of thing (spent plenty of time being a starving artist so I know what cheap is)

I should ask what your intention of this group is. Am I right in assuming that it is a group for fez owners? I wanted to plug it on my site but I don’t want to imply the wrong thing. For instance, if the requirement is to simply own a fez then any of the guys in the Cult of the Eye might be eligible to join?”

I’ll just come right out and say I think this is a splendid idea and a wonderful gimmick for the Order (which has none of which I’m aware, if you don’t count James, Phil and Howlin’, who all play the ukulele).

As for Jason’s stipulation that he and his pal Joe be admitted into the Order… we’ve already set the bar pretty low. I think all we’d need is some sort of Petition of Worthiness. Letting Jason break The Sacred Sequence seems reasonable since we’re likely to reach that number anyway.

Joe, on the other hand, would be numerically marooned way out there at #42. Perhaps we could require Joe to include some explanation of that Fez Gap in his POW (Petition of Worthiness).

We’ll ask Jason to provide a price for those of us that would like to purchase a customized Order of the Fez fez, but in the meantime… I call on the membership to take a few minutes to describe what goods or services you have that could be bartered for a fez. Use the comments link below. I’d like to see something from each member within the week. I know you’ll be creative.

Well, there you have it Jason. Barring objections from the members, you and Joe need only email your Petition of Worthiness and you’re in. We’ll get back to you regarding the custom Fez idea after members have had a bit to consider. But you certainly sound like our kind of people.

PS: If anyone has any thoughts on “the intention” of the order, share that, too. I don’t have a clue.


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