Fez as Babe Magnet

Joe from Fez-o-rama stumbled across this humble space and emails:

“I will say that the Gorilla fez will be coming back, as well as the debut of the ‘Dead Monkey Skull’ fez. We’re also in the ramping up for offering the same high-quality fez, but blank.  (in both red and black velvet – maybe leopard)  The business/site started as a hobby, but we’d like to become the ‘THE’, when people talk about ‘the fez makers at Fez-o-rama.”


Joe sent along a few pix: Bowling with the Cult of the Eyethe Florida Hukilau (during a category 3 hurricane), and in Vegas (the fez attracts the women). Not sure who these bon vivants are. Perhaps they are so famous in fez circles I should recognize them. Alas.

This is how stylish fez wearers live. Thanks, Joe. And I see that Fezmonger Jason has been kind enough to share a comment or two on earlier posts.


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