Order of the Fez Song

Phil Powell, the newest member of our order (#9), wasted no time in demonstrating his fezorocity by penning lyrics for an official Order of the Fez Song (“to b e sung to a rumpy pumpy type of beat, with beer tankards held aloft”):

Order of the Fez

Order of the Fez are we
Headgear noble and true
We all wear a Fez with pride
No other ‘hat’ will do.

1. We wear it when we’re happy
It is worn when we feel blue
We wear it in times of strife –
To think a problem through. (Chorus)

2. We wear it when we’re sleeping
It’s there when we’re awake
It’s not a fashion statement –
It’s a FEZ for goodness sake! (Chorus)

3. Please don’t talk of Trilbys,
A bowler or top hat
A man without a fez –
Is like a chop without its fat!  (Rousing, even louder chorus)

Phil has called on Howlin’ Hobbit (Fez #8) for a professional critique. I hope HH goes the extra mile and puts these rousing words to music (ukulele, of course).

I don’t want this to sound like a fait accompli and stifle other lyricists within the order, but this looks like a damed fine song to me. I especially like the part about tankards of beer.

I don’t recall mentioning this in a previous post, but we have at least one other musician in our order. T. Everett Mobley (#3) is a founding member of the Sons of the Western Bootheel:

“It’s music and mayhem when the singing cowboys bring their blend of good harmony and bad comedy to the stage. Join the musical trail drive through the Wild West, the Old West and the Way Out West. They’ll have traditional western songs and their special “Western Fusion”, mixing the 1850’s with the 1950’s: Rhythm and Moos, Moo-Wop music and the Moo-Town Sound.”

Perhaps Dr. Mobley can persuade the Sons to compose a tune and we’ll select the official anthem by ballot.

For now, well done, Brother Phil!


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