Late to the Fez Dance

The fez is semi-ancient, as head gear goes, so one might expect to find a rich fez culture out on the web. Tiki King (more on TK in a moment) points us to The Cult of the Eye (“Everyone’s Favorite Secret Society”). COTE is sort of what I had in mind of the Order of the Fez, but cooler and with better graphics.


Once there, you’ll find a link to Fez-o-rama, a wonderful source (the only source?) for custom fezzes. I plan to order a back-up fez at my first opportunity.

All of which makes me realize fez fans are legion. And they tend to be clever, witty folk. What I don’t understand, is how none of them thought to register I purchased the domain and will put it in place here soon.

And I’m discovering that people wearing fezzes frequently have a ukulele in their hands. Not sure what this should be so but I find I really like ukulele music. Given that two of our charter members are ukuleleists, perhaps we should call on them to compose a song for the order. Anyone with suggested lyrics can post them in the comments below and we’ll see what happens.


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