Fez #9: Phil Powell

Brothers of the Fez, please welcome Phil Powell, Fez #9 (Last of the Single Digits). Phil lives in the UK and brings an exotic, international flavor to the order.


“I am hoping that you might consider me for inclusion into your merry group of Fez wearers. I used to wear a bowler hat around the house, and when we moved, I lost it. I wrongly blamed my wife for its disappearance because she had used it in a school production, and I hadn’t seen it since.

Anyway, during this time I watched the Laurel and Hardy film ‘Sons of the Desert’ and fell in love with the Fez. I simply had to get one, and now it sits either on my head or in a prime position in my living room. I bet you’re wondering what happened to that bowler hat? Well would you believe, last Tuesday, I found a couple of old unopened packing boxes under the stairs, and there it was! Was I pleased? Well yes, but I tell you I haven’t been inclined to wear it around the house anymore.

The Fez is now ‘KIng’ in this household. Oh- and I did apologize to my wife for wrongly accusing her.

I also belong to a fez-wearing, cheese eating, wine drinking ukulele club in North London called SOUP. (please do not ask what this means or we may have to kill you).

Best regards,
Phil Powell”


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