Fez #8: Howlin’ Hobbit

“I caught a mention of you via The J-Walk Blog and would humbly request admission into the Order of the Fez.

Attached you will find a picture of me performing at The Pink Door in Seattle’s fabulous Pike Place Market. This was several years ago and I was part of the Lucky Devil Girly Show, a burlesque troupe.

You will note that I am also wearing a spif leopard-skin print silk tie. This is a hand-made tie, produced by my sweetie (the Fallen Angel) and she was also the one who purchased the Fez for me. (That’s a story in itself, featuring jug band gigs, extreme heat, beer gardens and an amazing example of a shopping spree by the FA in an unabashed tourist trap town.)

Thank you for your consideration!
Howlin’ Hobbit”

You can sample  some of Howlin’ Hobbit’s music here and find everything else you to know on his website or MySpace page. I find “He Might Be A Vampire” a charming ditty.

Howlin’ becomes Fez #8, leaving only one more opportunity to snag a precious single digit number.


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