Might this be The Secret Grip?


I hereby offer the attached photo for consideration as The Secret Grip of the The Order of the Fez. If chosen, this grip will require some ingenuity to execute… secretly. The grip could be executed –and member recognized– in the following manner:

If two members of the order find themselves sitting at the same table in a restaurant, one can pretend to drop something under the table and ask the other member to help him locate it. Once under the table, The Grip can be executed without the prying eyes of non-members.

Or, should two members find themselves standing in a crowd (at a bar, for example), they can contrive to have the lights turned off and, with the room temporarily in darkness, give each other The Grip.

This tactic will require the assistance of a third member, to turn off the lights. And since each of the three members must greet each other with The Grip, the lights will have to go off three times. A good cover story will be important should this device be employed.

I’m counting on other members to submit photos, drawings or descriptions of other, proposed Secret Grips.


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