Fez #7: Jamie Nelson


“Hereby and humbly do I submit this application, whereby I do request, nay, earnestly plead, for membership in the illustrious ORDER OF THE FEZ. Being of reasonably sober mind and body and having made this application, I wish to state, in the most flowery way possible, that I have few defects that would disallow said membership as I am more likely to stand in the back of the room rather than in the front and would in all likelihood be reading email on my cellphone. And while participation in acts of charity and other noble pursuits would embiggen my cromulence, I do not want to harsh anyone’s mellow.

So, what do you say?

About my Fez: It took a bit of digging to find a proper topper. The Net has few purveyors of the holy head-ware but I was able to find a vendor in Berkeley, CA. Telegraph Avenue was the site of my purchase and I have to say I really like my maroon headpiece. Very snappy and it’s ventilated at the top. I got the last one in the store and was told I couldn’t return it because it was sold as a “novelty”! I disagreed but was asked to move on briskly as there were other customers buying “real” hats behind me.

I suggest a letter writing campaign to bring dignity to our honored regalia. Who’s with me?”

— Jamie Nelson

What do we say? Why, we say “yes!” And welcome to the RAEOOTF (Royal and Exalted Order of the  Fez).


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