Fez #4: David Brazeal

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest member of The Royal and Exalted Order of the Fez (#4). In the truest spirit of our order, David refused to settle for a faux fez and ordered the real deal from Tel Aviv. He invited us to video conference in for the Official Unpacking of the Fez.

We are still accepting applications for membership. The only requirement is that you have your own fez. When membership reaches double digits, we’ll make up some by-laws and stuff.


“Hereby is submitted my application to the Order of the Fez. Thanks to ebay, I have obtained a fez from a monkey trainer in Tel Aviv.  It belonged to his dear, beloved macaque, Ahmed, who was recently crushed to death in a fruit stand accident.

Now that I have removed most of the nits, it makes a fine addition to my wardrobe. If you have not yet filled the position of music leader, I would like to volunteer to grind my street organ at official Order events.”


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