The Ron and Fez Show (XM Radio)

Googling “fez” turned up links to a radio talk show called The Ron and Fez Show. From their Wikipedia entry:

The Ron and Fez Show is a radio talk show hosted by Ron Bennington and Fez “Marie” Whatley. The duo hosted two different radio shows each weekday through May 23, 2007. The first show only continues on XM Satellite Radio every weekday from 12-3pm. Their second show aired on terrestrial radio on WFNY-FM in New York City weeknights from 6-9pm, and did not simulcast on XM.

On September 12, 2005, after long popular runs in Tampa, Florida, New York City, and Washington DC, Ron and Fez debuted internationally on XM Satellite Radio and XM Canada on Channel 202: the ViRUS (also on DirecTV channel 879). The show airs from 12pm until 3pm ET, with encore airings Monday through Thursday from 12am to 3am.

It appears they even have a song. Here’s Fez Whatley performing It Makes Me Fez. I’ll check out their show on XM and report back.


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