Fez #2: Bob Hague

For those who missed it, I wore my new leopard skin fez all day on Monday. It created a bit of interest (fez buzz). The most common question? “Where can I get a fez?”

My answer? “That’s what separates the fezz-less from… those with fezzorocity. If you’re not resourceful enough to acquire your own fez, you don’t deserve to wear one.”

Dear readers, I give you Bob Hague, Supreme Potentate of the Badger LaFolette Chapter of the Order of the Fez (Fez #2).


Bob and I will be drafting by-laws and deciding on The Secret Grip in coming days, and if you’d like to join us (throw your fez in the ring, as it were), just email a photo of yourself wearing a fez. (Word of caution: No fez sharing. You must own your own fez to a member in good standing)

Don’t delay. The highly prized LFN’s (Low Fez Numbers) will go quickly.

If there’s an amusing story behind your fez (“I mugged a Shriner and have the video”), please feel free to share it.

On behalf of Supreme Potentate Bob, I challenge you to get your fez on!


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