Are you guys Shriners?

No. I’m not sure what it takes to become a Shriner, but I’m pretty sure we don’t have it. We do aspire, however, to that mystical quality that drives grown men to perform precision drill routines in county fair parades.


So what are the requirements to becoming a member of the Order of the Fez? Just one: You must acquire and posses a fez. If you are not clever and resourceful enough get your hands on a fez (and a fez on your head), you are not ready.

If you’d like to join our order, email a photo of yourself wearing your fez. If there’s good story behind it, so much the better. You will be assigned a Fez Number (single digit numbers will be highly prized in years to come).

From time to time, with no warning, you’ll be asked to send an authentication photograph (you in your fez, holding today’s newspaper).

Can I be booted out of the Order of the Fez?

The technical term is fezcommunicated and, yes, there’s probably something you could do that would make us kick you out. I’m just not sure what that might be yet. Watch this space.

Spread the Fez!


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